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Saturday November 9th 2013  Tim Candler


      When I first moved here, my own constitution required me to "wave" at fellow road users within a five mile radius of where I live.  Over time, waving has become an involuntary reaction to all approaching vehicles, and I have to say that over time this "radius of wave" has significantly increased, so as to include the more rural areas, even should they happen to be several states away.  Some years ago my waving within the five mile radius caused confusion, I was a stranger to the area, the vehicle I drove unrecognized. In those days the assumption on the part of my fellow road users to my random acts of waving was I guessed something like "Someone who knows me has a new vehicle, and I should have waved back, but I didn't, I hope whoever it was doesn't think I'm an a-hole."  Now days, if a complete stranger within a five mile radius of where I live fails to wave back, I know they are either rude or not "from round here."

       My own constitution also permitted me to persuade The Artist that she too should "wave" at complete strangers within a five mile radius of where we live. But here there is a boy girl thing. Girls I am told should not wave at strange boys, no matter their age, unless they have first been properly introduced.  It threatens the boys, apparently, sets poor standards and encourages them to behave inappropriately.  And it's little things like this that put a perspective on the bigger things like the twentieth amendment to the United States constitution that gave women suffrage just 93 years ago. A most painful sounding word, "suffrage," that in Old French was a kind of prayer petitioning God to do something,  from a Latin word that meant "to express support."  The word "wave," on the other hand, is all about movement and shapes. So, these past years, what I might have been doing to my fellow road users, I have no clue. And most likely I should make some effort to rein in my waving while driving, because it might just be a little nutty.


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