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Sunday October 13th 2013  Tim Candler


     Someone has been gnawing on the Beauregard's.  Just a little patch, near where the Chard have done so well this year.  The possibility of  a Vegetarian Mole, crossed the mind, so I looked for tunnel. Probably about twenty minutes of painstaking excavation with trowel and pointy stick. But no positive sign of an actual tunnel. So I am thinking the 'V' word.

     Interesting too, the stricken Beauregard's had dug themselves deep into some very unsavory looking earth.  I'd call it clay, and feel rather ashamed of myself for having missed it when I dug over the bed in the late winter. But back then I was gainfully employed in a Fulfillment Center, and I had  probably been made addled by the stress of fulfilling.


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