An English In Kentucky


















Monday October 14th 2013  Tim Candler


     When I think about it I am surrounded by SOPs. A great many of them unwritten yet imposed upon me by a desire for peace and quiet.  The equity in harmony. Then when I am alone SOPs begin to drift badly.   "I'll just mash a potato, throw in some frozen chard and fry an egg."  "Not much point in shaving." "I'll go to the mail tomorrow." "Maybe the grass will need mowing in December."

     I guess in the sunshine and warmth a Woolly Bear, can also be  lead astray.  His Standard Operating Procedure at this time in October should be to gallop around in a determined manner so that the likes of you and I might contemplate the quality of the coming winter. But I have seen a comrade. He was just lazing there on the walk, smiling at me. And compared to other Woolly Bears, who this year are mostly dark,  he was completely orange.


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