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Tuesday October 15th 2013  Tim Candler


     I am wholly confused by the attitude of Blue Jays.  I suspect that the King of Blue Jays has fallen pray to an ennui that has interrupted his decision making process. He's probably old like me, and can hardly remember what happened last fall. But old or not, like me, he knows that last Fall, Blue Jays travelled either Westward or Eastward, and maybe sometimes a little Northward, or perhaps a little Southward.

     He can also remember that whatever direction movement might have taken, it was an orderly movement. A streaming of Blue Jay across the sky.  A vapor trail of Blue Jay, if you prefer.  And too he can probably remember that during the course of streaming across the sky the Blue Jays called to each other in a somewhat wistful manner, while their more sedentary nut gathering comrades hopped around the cut grass.  Not so this year.  There is a great deal of hanging around in trees, and to my ear, the call is disgruntled.


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