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Thursday October 31st 2013  Tim Candler


     The howl outside puts a perspective upon 'tool making.'  I am informed by the National Weather Service, a person who this morning called himself 13, but who last night called himself JS, that sometime this afternoon "loose outdoor items such as yard decorations may be thrown around by the wind."  And that "trees might also be blown over." 

     Inevitably motorists are advised to be wary of high sided vehicles. And naturally enough "Trick or Treating" has been postponed by the city elders. No one wants a dressed up tot to be sucked into the vortex unless WK something or other is present to record the event. My own choice of outfit would have been beaked cap, bow tie, night shirt, sandals with socks. Of course last night The Artist and I ate all the treats, which is why I at least am belching like a Hippo this morning.


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