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Saturday September 14th 2013  Tim Candler


     Regret to say that I was not "Upright in Heart."  I did not  "Shout for Joy." I would have been more "glad" had the word  "practicum" never been used. Nor was I  in anyway "Righteous," because there is something barbaric about paying five dollars for a pound of Corn Flower, even if it was grown on a mountain top using no till techniques, shovels of the short handled variety, scavenged cardboard, imported horse manure and let lie composts.

     And if I look further into Psalm 32, I can begin to sense King David coming to the conclusion that the Lord must have well drenched me with both iniquity and guile and therefore I am doomed to the "many sorrows of the wicked." Nor was I the only one who smoked four cigarettes at the nut eater retreat. And yes I will probably be going to hell.


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