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Monday April 14th  2014  Tim Candler


     Some of us are ready for a little rain. Not this high wind and a couple of drops followed by a little snow and freeze kind of rain. But genuine come to Jesus kind of rain. A something like two inches over a three day period kind of rain. The sort of rain that has just enough cold in it to hang around and soak.  All very well becoming all puffy around a rain gauge, but the good rain is slow and patient. It doesn't all fall in half an hour, and then pick up it's skirt and run to the rivers because it prefers the Gulf of Mexico, or Cancun.


     I guess too, some of us are a little drained by trenching of beds, and we kind of want a couple of days to sit around staring at rain without once having to think about whether the roof is going to blow off, or whether the Potato are going to freeze, and we had lettuce last night, and there's Asparagus, and a whole lot of happiness out there that for one reason or another is going to get kicked in the teeth. And I could mention gerrymandering, but I won't.


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