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Friday April 18th  2014  Tim Candler


     All very well musing about the Roman Empire, its decline and influence, but probably as well to remember that not many people on our planet concern themselves with Rome as it was when Latin was the lingua franca of the Mediterranean.  My own reason for doing so is probably related to the comment sections on the digital newspapers, which are to my mind a better place to go for insight into the waves of understanding that cast upon the shores of the real in the form of opinion.


     There's the left and the right, view. Both of which are neatly established and wholly predictable, and rather depressing. There's what might be called the 'third way,' which are waves of understanding, usually unbounded by anything as uncomfortable as ever having to cast upon any kind of a shore and are therefore free of all encumbrances. And I guess in all there's a 'fourth way,' which is that sense a person gets from a comment that its author may well be solely engaged in defining the world around their own career ambitions.


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