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Monday April 21st 2014  Tim Candler


     Three sentences from my Anonymous Correspondent, who I suspect is very much engaged in the Spring Fever, which could mean he lives somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.  He suggests that: "Men do not usually run about complimenting women on their brains." A straightforward enough assertion, I guess, and probably a little insulting, even if it could well be a pretty accurate description of the dating scene.  His second piece of advice to would be suitors is a little more nuanced. "Preserve eye get in touch with at all expenses but try not to look creepy."  Which I guess means that a boy should at least pretend they are complimenting a woman on her brains by staring them in the eye. But I could be wrong.




     Nor am I certain what he means by the last sentence: "This can be on dates, or just heading out with the concept of assembly women in common."  My better instinct was to think in terms of a contrast between a 'date' and that sort of 'mingling' that follows after something like a Church Service, rather than some kind of  assembled woman that might come in a brown paper parcel.  But which ever way you want to think of it,  my Anonymous Correspondent really does hit the nail on the head with his "try not to look creepy."  Have to think it's something he arrived at through bitter experience and many, many a lonely night.


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