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Thursday April 24th 2014  Tim Candler


     Last year I outraged a Blue Grey Gnatcatcher by doing a little unseasonal, but I thought necessary, trimming of trees. I hadn't spotted her beautiful nest, until it was too late.  One of those things which kind of sticks with a person, makes them feel like Alaric the Visigoth, or Totila the Ostrogoth, or some kind of Norman under Robert Guiscard, or perhaps Silvio Berlusconi, all of whom, in one way or another have sacked Rome in pursuit of their own claim to mighty-hood.

     Blue Grey Gnatcatchers are not big birds. They are tiny, but they have a call which carries a long way.  It's a sort of high pitched  'Peeee-Pooo' sound, that can cause a person with ear issues to wonder whether he might have to take his pill and lie down for a bit. Not a hugely melodious call, but wonderful to think the Blue Grey Gnatcatcher hasn't put the mark of Cain upon me. Although when he spotted me from the Early Maple, he did send a kind of accusing stare in my direction.



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