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Sunday April 27th 2014  Tim Candler


     In the old days of course they used to make people Saints fairly soon after their death. It was more a question of sending the odd petition  to the sitting Pope, and if it seemed politically expedient to the sitting Pope the answer "Yes" came back. In those days too it might have taken a while for a letter to reach the Pope, and traveling from somewhere like Norway to Rome could be incredibly dangerous, so I imagine a great many people who should have been Saints never got to be Saints because petitions never actually found their way to Rome.

     Long centuries dragged on, and around the year 1000 becoming a Saint became more and more complicated.  I guess it was combination of decorum and some vague attempt to appear apolitical, or maybe the odd person who became a Saint turned out not to have been in the least Saintly when all the facts were revealed.  My own preference, when it comes to Saints, is that there should be at minimum a two hundred year waiting period, and I think it quite improper that a Pope should ever qualify for Sainthood.



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