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Monday April 28th 2014  Tim Candler


     Although I have never seen them together, I believe there are two Toads in the Vegetable Garden.  They are both of the same species, but I have no idea what that species might be.  Of Toad species identified as Kentucky Natives, there are three likely candidates, and of those three likely candidates my vote goes to a Toad Species that has been given the name Fowler's Toad.  And here I am told that a Fowler's Toad has a voice that sounds like, "the bleat of a sheep with a cold."

     Now if you happen to be pottering in the Vegetable Garden, one or other of the Garden Toads will make a little noise at you, if he or she has the idea that you might not have noticed him or her.  It is indeed a very peculiar noise. Kind of petulant, sort of bad tempered, rather insistent, and does offer a suggestion of  "get out of my garden."  Then , there'll be a little very deliberate hopping around from the Garden Toad and you might hear the noise again. In the past I have thought of this noise as a sort of low pitch 'quack'. The kind of thing you'd get from a day dreaming  duck.



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