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Wednesday April 30th 2014  Tim Candler


     End of April is always kind of depressing.  Almost half way through the year, and still a chance of cold, and a gardener starts to worry about his Chard, and The Artist has been planting Snap Peas since about February and I guess everyone wonders whether the early Carrots are worth trying, and if they are worth trying when might the nights be warm enough for Carrot seeds to think about germinating, and  the only thing that's really happy out there is the Grass, because Grass is about the only plant that can actually deal with high winds and grazing by the cloven hoofed. . 

     Then for those of us who are tender perennials, there are the physical issues that usually begin to catch up with common sense after the maniacal joy of bed preparation and the intensity of emotion that some might call Compost Piles. So I guess after the Tomato are in and the Beans are planted, and whatever decision about Carrots have been  made, there's one more moment of satisfaction to anticipate before weeding and hose-pipes and other pests begin to dominate the waking hours and Hoppy Bug haunt the shorter nights. And I guess in the end the secret is to make a run for something like a Zinnia so as avoid being reincarnated as a Bristlecone Pine.



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