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Monday April 7th  2014  Tim Candler


      I've been enjoying the argument from psychology which assigns a world view to either side of the climate debate. This argument suggests that those who are convinced the climate is changing, live within a set of very negative opinions about this moment in time. Those who are convinced that if the climate is changing it's a natural feature of our planet's relationship with the universe and the minds which think this way have a positive view of this moment in time. And here the science of climate change does not really enter the equation.  Which is symptomatic of a relationship our species has with science in general and especially with science that engages in extrapolating future events from current data trends.


     Then you wander around a little, and come across discussions within the community who have devoted themselves to Artificial Intelligence. There is a sort of yearning in their midst for purpose, and they are prone to the idea that once they have replicated the human mind, they will have achieved an entirely rational entity from which wisdom will come. Cynics of course might see this yearning as a bunch of individuals competing for wealth so that their vacations might be spent in Cancun.  And it's the case that we people all prefer to think of ourselves as engaged in the production of vital import to the future of our species.  Me, I kind of know how the planet must feel, because I'm about to visit the dentist to discuss the future of my front teeth.


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