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Wednesday April 9th  2014  Tim Candler


     Kind of miss Une Acte Detournement. It was fun ranting on, without thought of compromise, as though god itself was impersonating an eleven year old.  In the French language god is a male noun. And I think probably in the minds of many of the English Speaking People,  the one God is an understanding of maleness. You'd have to go to the more ancient religions, where a plurality of gods were worshipped, if you want  to find girl gods.  There's Mother Nature of course,  but a person has to think this a male concept, because over here in the west our paramount God is a Boy and somehow he created Mother Nature, who is a bad tempered and inclined to be unforgiving and can take the blame for what might be flaws in god's moments of creativity.


     And naturally enough the idea of god being an 'it' tends to distract from generations of thinking around 'almightiness.' The French don't like to think of  an 'it.' There 'God' has to be either a boy or a girl, and their 'Dieu' is a boy. Interesting too, in the French language 'Geometry' is male.  'Algebra' is female. 'Science' is female. 'Mathematics' is female. Goodness knows why the French language determined gender this way, but for some reason I kind of like it. Worth noting that in the French language lands and countries also have gender.  Australia is female. Britain and Northern Ireland are Male, but Southern Ireland is Female.  The two continents of the Americas are pretty much all male except the Dominican Republic, Columbia, Bolivia and Argentina.  All of Europe except Portugal, The Netherlands and Denmark are female.


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