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Monday August 11th 2014  Tim Candler


    A time comes when it might be necessary to recall the discussions I have had with myself on the nature of structure.  The French School, from something like the 1970's, while tempting hasn't actually resulted in a form for the Rabbit of Usk. The damned thing is just all over the place, and in another four or five years, if I continue with the French School, not much will have changed.

    One option is to Potlatch. A ceremony that frees the mind to start again. Sadly the Rabbit of Usk is now a tyrant in my imagination, and he will not permit me to do so. And for this, I must  blame my own frailties, my own weakness and reach once again for the Book Of Psalms.  And in the Psalms the only two words of comfort I can find are, "Yea though..."


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