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Tuesday August 19th 2014  Tim Candler


    There's been some debate about whether the Seven Word Compost Naming Sentence can contain the word "His." It's singular, it's possessive, it's masculine. And, despite the French who will insist a Compost Pile, or Tas De Compost, is  masculine, Compost Piles are actually feminine. And whether you agree with me or not with respect to the gender of Compost Piles, there might well be hours, even years of argument and mental stress if the word "His" does appear in the Seven Word Compost Naming Sentence.  The word "pollinator," however might be acceptable, because through bitter experience, I have discovered that Compost Piles require regular attention.

    And I'll give you an example of the sorts of stress and argument that accrue to and  then build around an ill considered word in something like a Compost Naming Sentence.  The Goddess Isis had her origin in Ancient Egypt, in the course of time she spread through the minds of  the Roman and Greek world as the perfect mother, friend to the downtrodden and to sinners as well as the powerful. She had an ear for sorrow and sadness. She gave comfort, she was stalwart, she was patient and she wouldn't just say "oh for god's sake pull yourself together, cover the women, grow unattractive beards, wear black and start killing people for no good reason."



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