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Wednesday August 20th 2014  Tim Candler


    The fifth Compost Pile from the east, might well be a good enough description to locate it. However such a description totally lacks any kind of an imagination and would probably upset both Saint Teresa and the Goddess of Mirth, Iambe. Neither of which would be a wise thing for a Gardener to do. But the fifth Compost Pile from the east, has developed a combination of inputs into her name, and these inputs must be taken into consideration when considering the word in the sentence, from the first letter of which the fifth Compost Pile from the east may derive one or other of her many possible names.

    The Virginia correspondent has suggested the number five reminds them of a "mean girl."  There are many possible interpretations for why this might be, some of them strange, but the only reason to decently observe this peculiar insight into the number five is the charm of the idea and the lasting impression it has made on the Compost Pile Pollinator. It's therefore necessary, if the Compost Pile Naming Sentence is to be lasting, for there to be some sense of  the number five to figure in the first letter of the word in the sentence that will reference the fifth Compost Pile from the east. So I wonder, what letter of the alphabet most represents "mean girl."  And here, while "H" might well do it, I'm seriously considering "R" and "M." Because of all the Rogers and Mikes I have known I've only ever had a liking for one of them.



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