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Thursday August 21st 2014  Tim Candler


    Cedar Mockingbirds, who have finally returned from their Mockingbird Conference and funny hat wearing competitions, have added their zest and opinion to the problem of Compost Pile Naming. Mind you it's nice to see them still together, because often unspeakable errors are made during conference time. Hearts and voices sometimes stray. Yet what the Cedar Mockingbird contribution to the Compost Pile Naming Sentence might be is difficult to determine. They are still unpacking, or whatever it is Mockingbirds do when they return from their most frivolous month.

    And it would have been very wrong of me to have dived much further into a Compost Pile Naming sentence without their contribution. My excuse would have been a feeble one. Every year when Mockingbirds leave, I kind of find myself thinking I'll never see them again. It's an anxiety, I guess, but it hardly represents an expression of loyalty on my part. Even if they were to never return again, I should maintain some memorial to them. And too in Compost piles there are the ghosts of plants, that sometimes yearn for another chance at sunshine. The sprouting seed of volunteer Tomato, the Melon and Cantaloupe, the Hubbard Squash.



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