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Sunday August 24th 2014  Tim Candler


    The one bit of news that supersedes the return of an internet connection, is a Turkey Vulture. I spotted him first actually in the particular Compost Pile that somehow or other will eventually be named around the idea of a 'mean girl' and which currently has the totally inadequate name of "Compost Pile Number Five." He gave me a shock, and with Turkey Vultures much of life seems to be an on going ordeal, so it was difficult to tell whether or not I gave him a shock.  It did seem a little to me as though  my sudden appearance with blue wheel barrow caused him more irritation than the visceral fleeing response that gripped my own being.

    You sort of creep around a little after confrontation with a Turkey Vulture on a Compost Pile. There's a great deal of sniffing and peering, and poking the undergrowth, because Turkey Vultures when not roosting or chewing on some bit of something that might have been dead a while, generally don't trouble themselves with the difficult business of landing on the ground and taking off from the ground unless there is rotting food involved. I couldn't smell anything, which doesn't  mean much what with humidity and the bloom off an August Algal Crust. Then in the morning he was there on the top of the electric pole, staring down at Compost Piles, and Turkey Vultures when close, are very, very, very big flying creatures. Have to think some one is trying to add a contribution to the naming of Compost Piles, and the terrible thing is I have a theory about it.



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