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Saturday August 2nd 2014  Tim Candler


    I believe I have frozen the last Bean for 2014. There will be more Beans this year, but they will not be frozen, and next year around Bean planting time, I will endeavor to recall three things. The first is that there are sometimes more Beans in the Vegetable Garden than a person can reasonably expected to eat in a twelve month period.  The second is that an early summer mind is quite incapable of grasping the value of thinning Bean plants. And the third thing that I must try to recall is that a Bush Beans should be carefully picked daily from the middle of June through the month of July, otherwise you get bad tempered Old Men Beans.

    To put it in people terms, the perfect Bean to my mind is in something like its twenties. Four inches at most. The green at this age of a Bean is youthful, without being cradle robbing, and there is a vitality to the Bean, a sort of stubbornness which  makes it reluctant to accept cruel separation from the parent plant. As they get older, sometimes just one day older, the younger Bean will begin to look around and develop an attitude, a middle aged bulge, and this attitude probably makes them perfect for the torture of canning. Unfortunately the Canned Bean has a smell and flavor to it that brings on an angst in your correspondent. Some knife and fork memory, I guess.


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