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Saturday August 30th 2014  Tim Candler


    The Rabbit of Usk called my attention to Halibut's End Story, and despite the critical role a Compost Naming Sentence might sometimes play in the mental health of a Gardener, he will lean toward obedience when the Rabbit calls. Otherwise there can be huffing and padding about. And too there was a dispute with a Groundhog, that did indeed go on a bit because he wasn't an Evening or Morning Groundhog, he was a Midday Groundhog and Midday Groundhogs will only communicate when Sun is high and when temperatures are something like five hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

    Nor is a Good Gardener the proper material for the Special Air Service, he is not a Navy Seal, or an Urban Attack Police Officer. His ability to multitask is limited to one thought at a time, and when temperatures are something like seven hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit that one thought will take its time. However, a Good Gardener will also take notes, he will carry a pencil and paper around with him, and jot down the odd random comment as an aid memoire. So all is not lost, the Compost Naming Sentence has what we Gardeners call an "elemental essence." Which to the layman, might be better defined as a "long way to go."



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