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Sunday August 3rd 2014  Tim Candler


    Little Foucault Lizards in the Compost Piles. They are just charming. Miniature creatures, exactly like the adult, and they too think they are great, battering around in that enthusiastic way, and quite oblivious to the possibility of being gobbled up by someone. I imagine it's the shine and sparkle in the tail that gives them such confidence. The back Porch Foucault Lizard lost his or her tail about six weeks ago to a culprit unknown. It had all grown back by about three weeks ago.

    I'm very aware how my own species is increasingly besotted by shiny things that have color and sparkle and newness. I've always thought of it as a kind of sickness amongst us, but at least the Foucault Lizard in the long path they have travelled to this moment in time have used it to their advantage. It's always the tail of the Foucault Lizard you see first, and I guess it would be the same with an unknown culprit, but the Foucault Lizard is quite able to manage without it for three or four weeks. And I guess you have to lose it a few times before you become grown up and wary


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