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Wednesday August 6th 2014  Tim Candler


    There's an unattached boy Cardinal who must have chosen to follow some kind of Paleo Cult. Not for him the abundance of flower and grass seeds. He's on a Butterfly and Raspberry diet, the bastard. Nor is he that adept at butchering Butterfly. Have to think there is a chance that he is just a little nervous of them, because there's a great deal of fluttering around by the Cardinal, much pouncing and beating the poor Butterfly to death. He doesn't eat Butterfly wings, and he prefers white and yellow Butterfly, which is actually OK by me, because it's always been an idea of mine that white and yellow Butterfly go for the Crucifers and Chenopods when choosing sites for their Caterpillar.

    I had to look one of those words up. The crucifers are Mustards through Cabbages. The wonderful sounding Chenopods are I am afraid to say Beets, into whose family Chard has been assigned. And there is someone who has a small black and remarkably wily Caterpillar in somebody else's nice straight rows of Chard. Chenopod as far as I can see comes from a Greek or Latin word for Goose, and the 'pod' part is from 'podium.' Podium comes from a Greek word for 'foot.' But Podium can also mean 'soapbox.'  So obviously Chard is in the 'Goose Soapbox' Family. And it all must kind of make sense to the Paleo Cultist Cardinal, who this year at least is quite unattached to any kind of girl Cardinal and he spends a great many hours in the electric line telling us all about it.


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