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 Sunday December 14th 2014 Tim Candler


    Our hero and the Rabbit of Usk are currently in East Sussex. The month is May, and the year is 1964. Not many people will remember Gerhard Zucker, a civilian rocketeer who was firm in his convictions that mail could be delivered by rockets. His early attempts to impress the Royal Mail with a practical demonstration of mail delivery by rocket, was in the 1930's. The Royal Mail rewarded his efforts by suggesting he be deported back to Germany, where the German authorities arrested him on suspicion of being in the pay of the British intelligence services.

     During the war Gerhard was a pilot for the Luftwaffe. Following the war Gerhard resumed his interest in mail delivery by rocket, and on May 7th 1964 at a demonstration of his concept in North West Germany something went badly wrong and three people were killed. The incident didn't figure very large in the East Sussex press at the time, but on May 10th or 11th 1964 eyebrows were raised when our hero mentioned Gerhard Zucker during English Spelling Detention. And the point is, we writers of pulp like our characters to be well rounded.


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