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 Friday December 26th 2014 Tim Candler


    The Audubon Dogwoods have buds. But they are not as bud rich as they were three days ago. And this means Grosbeaks had their way with the Audubon Dogwoods when no one was looking. They come through on their path to the Paw-Paw trees and the Parrots, and they pillage. There was a time when they didn't seem to care whether a resident saw them engaged in vandalism. If they were yelled at they'd just stare back, or hop around a bit and give a person the Grosbeak stare. Which is a kind of supercilious stare that's sort of independent looking and free spirited. It's "I can fly you can't" irritating. Which as everyone knows is the worse than the "Attila The Hun" sort of irritating.

     Now I do understand that in the tapestry we people are doing our very best to civilize the planet, make it warmer, do away with wild places, make it so that you can drive from the North Pole to the South Pole without too many traffic lights and not have to confront something like foreign food, or some kind of incomprehensible dialect that makes communication difficult. But in some areas we people aren't doing a very good job. Grosbeaks have gone sneaky on us. They come in the night and they engage in acts of terrorism against a person's Audubon Dogwood buds. I think there should be a pogrom against this sort of behavior. Grosbeaks should be put on some kind of a watch list, they need serious re-education.  And on this I am a single issue voter.


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