An English In Kentucky


















 Monday December 29th 2014 Tim Candler9


    The issue of Titles rears an ugly head. Our hero has achieved a level of hero-dom that is really very awesome and super-fantastic. Despite all my efforts, he is basically walking on water. Quite how it got to this I do not know. Fortunately I have horrible things in store for him, unless he again outwits me with some sort of Harry Potter magic wizardry. And should anyone be interested, if our hero takes a deep breath, he's almost four foot eleven inches at the moment.

     One of my worries is and has been what I'll call 'A glorification of the English Boarding School System.' It does create a tribe that's separate and apart. You can get a sense of it from people who say things like 'I went to Harvard,' as they cheer the Harvard tidily-wink team. But worth remembering they didn't go to Harvard until they were at least shaving. It's nice to belong, but it's more a question of what you belong to. Ask those who remember wearing the uniform of the hitlerjugend. But that's all in our hero's future.


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