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 Tuesday December 30th 2014 Tim Candler9


    Thirty days has September, April, June and November. This means tomorrow isn't 2015. It's little snippets of knowledge like this which a person needs to see them safely through the the day to day without having to look things up before they engage the gears, and go boldly into town to visit the Post Office.

     I will have to shave again. I shaved a couple of days ago in anticipation of a trip into town, but what with one thing and another that trip didn't completely happen. Wish it had, because too much shaving is not good for skin, and very cruel on the emotions. "Grow a beard!" I hear you say. Well, I find the panoply of beards very unnerving in others. Beards are either "I've totally given up."  Or they are some sort of domestic pet that feeds on scraps.


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