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 Thursday December 4th 2014 Tim Candler


    This is bold new territory for me. And it seems wholly inappropriate and altogether totally inadequate to just call it "Day Two." And with such a pathetic, un-resounding sort of name it's no wonder I don't remember having actually survived a Day Two before, except perhaps in more imaginative moments while being interrogated by the Medical Profession.


    Perhaps too, after one whole day, an entire thirty and a half hours, I might now be in a position to better understand the mood and world view of the Non-Smoker. A generous if rather unseemly percentage of our population, who are fitter, better educated and wealthier, I'm told. Either way, there's a Toad Stool in Junk Gully I've got to go shout at. It's the sort of thing we Non-Smokers do, apparently.


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