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 Friday December 5th 2014 Tim Candler


    One of the other things we Non-Smokers have to get used to is a hen-like attitude to just about everything. It's a short attention span, pecking around, and then completely forgetting what we were doing. Very alarming, and I don't really know how we Non-Smokers get anything useful done, but maybe we're just very good at looking busy and waiting to go to heaven and stuff.


    And there's a rampage of villi in the part of us that does the actual breathing. They are little retired Roman Legionnaires who farm the mucus membrane and they are objecting to the disappearance of their tobacco allowance. Very understandable, I feel it too, but I don't go down there into their world and start waving banners and standing on their street corners. I wish I'd paid more attention in Latin. "Venii Vicii Go Awaii," is Dutch to them.


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