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 Sunday December 7th 2014 Tim Candler


    This could be an excellent moment to re-open The Ramses Schism. A popular subject I know, and certain to bring on some interesting exchanges, followed by an hour or so debating the minutiae as each party attempts to out flank each other in order to achieve a sort of intellectual pecking order with feathered headdress in the winners circle. There are names for it, and The Glass Bead Game is as polite a name as any.

    On the other hand I could mention the two cigarettes I so thoroughly enjoyed smoking yesterday, which means this day of the year is another "Day One" in a series of repeating Day One's. It's a phenomenon I guess, and like all phenomena it needs a title. A good solid welcome to hell kind of word, and for some reason "Beatitude Day" begins to ring because "Magister Ludi Day" would be way too aggravating.


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