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 Monday December 8th 2014 Tim Candler


    The Cover Crop does look a little like some kind of aggressive invasive new species from a corporate test tube. It looks very green and lush despite some deep frosts, and it's certainly done the work of covering. I must say I did think there'd be more pea in it, maybe a little clover, some kind of accent that could suggest variety. As well in the right light at certain times of day, it can be mistaken for a not so distant relative of Creeping Grass.

    I recall a man explaining to me exactly why it was he had The Canadian Thistle in his field. For those who might not know it Canada is not that much further than a day's travel on the big roads going North from here. However not until the emergency import of Canadian Hay to feed drought plagued USDA Beef in the 1980's sometime, did The Canadian Thistle think to cross the border. And there may indeed be other theories about why bad things happen to perfectly nice people, but I still don't trust this years Cover Crop.


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