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Monday February 17th 2014  Tim Candler


     If you walk around the loop twice, it's about one mile and a half. If you've got on your romper wear, five layers of tee-shirt, wooly jumper, two jackets and a wooly hat, the 'feels like' distance is about five miles. Then at this time of year, I'd estimate the frozen ground and boots adds about ten pounds to the ten pounds of winter lard, and these pounds mean you are carrying about twenty pounds more than necessary. So once around the loop is probably the equivalent to twice around the loop.

      So I am going to argue that in feels like distance I walked about seven miles today and in actual distance I walked around two miles, if you count climbing the stairs, and the pacing around wondering whether to go for a walk, or wait until after the rain, or just hold on until the first of March because it's been an unusually cold season and probably there will not be much outside to do until maybe April, which is plenty of time to get ready to say hello the the shovel.


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