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Tuesday February 18th 2014  Tim Candler


     Through the short days I have offered opinions in comment sections so as to counter a criticism often leveled at me, which is that I "don't play well with others."  And I think the word is 'moderation' from 'moderate' which means, 'being within reasonable limits' or 'medium or average quality' or 'opposed to extreme or radical views.'  In another way and with respect to comment sections, it is a sieve through which a remark needs to pass before entering the arena of worthiness.   And I can understand completely why a 'moderator' is required because through the short days I have spent a considerable number of hours reading comment sections. And sometimes I have been persuaded to raise the question "who will moderate the moderator" because a great majority of comments, it seems to me, do little to assuage the view that our species is quite determined to achieve a nirvana through some process of "mutual strangulation" or "trampling each other to death at the Best Buy," rather than anything remotely to do with "fitness."

      And here, I would like to discuss the phrase "Communism is based on a lie."  And I really would like to ask those who assert this to explain with a degree of precision, why it is they think this.  Sadly I already know at least parts of the answer to the question. It's not complicated or long winded, it requires no 'F' word or 'C' word or 'L' word.  You don't have to reach for the rarely used keys, you don't have to use 'caps lock,' unless you are retarded and don't actually know why 'communism is based on a lie.'  But instead you heard the phrase somewhere, liked it's sound, allowed it to permeate  then fill the empty spaces so that it might become a comforting utterance in the same why I draw inspiration from the patty-cake  of "Your flag boy and my flag boy, sitting by the fire."  Anyway I think it enough to say that through the course of the past couple of months I have been 'moderated' out of good number of comment sections. I could try to think of it as exile, but more likely it could very well be that I am indeed an FCL. 


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