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Saturday February 1st 2014  Tim Candler


     One argument suggests that mind is not much more than a device which makes signs and symbols that represent information from senses about reality. These signs and symbols are how mind interprets or represents reality and on occasion that representation of reality is hyper. Which means, that the sign or symbol is probably less to do with what might be real than it is to do with a sign or a symbol. The obvious example is the dollar bill, which is actually a bit of paper difficult to forge, but if you take it to a shop you are able to exchange it for a lollipop. And if for some reason you couldn't,  the world as our signs and symbols have persuaded us to live it, would come to an end, and Cockroach would take our place.

      Then you read how the gigantically wealthy are all pissed off because they are not receiving the worship they deserve as job creators, or god, or whatever, and they start worrying about being rounded up and poked with sticks. Then when you stop laughing, you begin to realize their pissed-off-ness is yet another example of a hyper reality run amok, accompanied by the sort of paranoid delusion of grandeur that inspired the gated community. And I can almost guarantee you that amongst the gigantically wealthy who worry about commoners poking them with sticks you will find mother's boy bottoms which don't like being told they are no more special than any one else.


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