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Sunday February 23rd  2014  Tim Candler


     I'm having a terrible a job bumping off Primrose. And I think I know where the problem lies. It's deep down there in the dark heart of structure, in the interstices of devils and angels. It's a call  for shape, the slope of narrative that bounces lines off circles. Primrose is an 'ooh-la-la'  forcing lines to go against their nature, spiral toward that inevitable and pathetic end that is round and dot-shaped. And I just hate being told what to do, particularly so when that voice is actually in my own head. It yells "entropy" at me and sometimes it yells "physics not geometry" and sometimes it sneers "you're an idiot." Sometimes it's the sad shrug of, "This is the way things are, so pull yourself together, get with the program."  And too, I have heard the voice utter the brutal words, "Cancun might not be hell on Earth."  And I'd agree, this last is  so shattering a sound it might have been drawn by a pair of compasses.

      However The Rabbit of Usk is not about circles, it's more about straight lines, and I already have ghosts aplenty that haunt and drive minds to such a happy distraction I have no doubt about their "structure-less-ness," or "solidarity," or as the truly insipid might argue, "incomprehensibleness."  So if I can't bump Primrose off very soon it'll be kind of like saying, "the principle object of the past five or six winters has been to achieve absolutely nothing." And I am beginning to think that the only way I might be able to bump off Primrose is through some form of acceptance. And here I have identified a number of words and phrases associated with having fallen into this hole of despair. A few of the more obvious ones that I must be wary of using are - "Enjoy" "Have A Nice Day" "Thank You So Much"  Either way, right or wrong, I'm trying hard to achieve a grisly, wanton and completely unnecessary end for Primrose in the next couple of weeks.


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