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Monday February 24th  2014  Tim Candler


     Next time I lay down a gravel path, I will make very certain the path is absolutely essential to the survival of our species, rather than some random whim of the moment. I'll do this, because taking up a gravel path to reveal something that has a potential for tilth is grueling.  For years I laboured under the illusion that all stones float on earth. In fact, amongst stones there are two classes. The kind that float and the kind that burrow.

      Next time I consider the dimension of a bed, I will make very certain the bed is at least four foot wide and sensibly edged. All very well looking around for bits and pieces and pretending you're being organic, or running off to the hardware store for long straight bits of wood.  The only sensible edging is the hell of mixing and pouring concrete. Then when everything is set in stone, there is bugger all you can do about it.


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