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Tuesday February 4th 2014  Tim Candler


     These are not yet the Potato Rains, too cold with ice on the ground and Saint Patrick's 17th of March still 41 days from now.  So perhaps more immediate, there's opposition to my theory, "Food Listening as Origin of Language."  I'd argue this opposition stems from assumptions about our species which arrive through the shy Quail inside, still considering the sound of seed sprouting as a food source and wondering where to put the semi colon, or comma.  Maybe a hyphen and brackets.  An ampersand. The chapter heading Genesis.

      However I think it sufficient to say in response to critics of  my theory that I agree with only that part if their argument which suggests I am in deficit 'brain-cell-wise.'  And here it's probably most useful to fly into the past. The year 1860, Huxley and Wilberforce debate Darwin's Origin of Species.  A theater that'll repeat sometime this evening,  when the protagonists will be a science guy and former comedian, up against a religious nut and curator of a state funded museum.  And with respect to  "Food Listening as origin of Language" I see my theory bridging the divide.  Call it a deficit of brain cells, or a buzz-kill,  if you wish to.


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