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Saturday February 8th 2014  Tim Candler


     I have to say that having read a little bit around the Theosophy of Steiner, I do not share his view that us people are the archetypal form of the unspecified form, from which all animals came.  And because I am an impatient person I'll explain what he means by saying that he reckoned that because he could identify the X in us, but not necessarily in the Baboon, and because it would be dumb of him to deny the reasoning of Darwin, it was necessary for him to go back through the ancestors to a point where all animals had the X, and we, the assumption goes, are closer to the unspecified form than anyone else. This way, things like creation myths and natural science play a large role in reaching back to that point in the past to better understand the unspecified form, and thereby better understand the complete mystery of what exactly it is we think we are doing here and now.

      And if you are still confused by my impatience, the Theosophy of people like Steiner is now days sometimes referred to as Western New Age. An amalgam of East and West which in my own little world I call 'Nut Eating,' not because I dismiss it or judge it, but because it sets the pattern for a moral motion in my mind that allows me to smile, and think about the possibility of visiting the tattoo parlor, roll up my sleeve and say "I'd like 'nut eater' prefaced by 'ye olde'."  As well, the question might have arisen, "what the hell do you mean by X?"  The answer is basically two fold. The first part suggests that the question has been asked for such a long time that any answer is probably wrong, and adherents to wrong answers are more often than not being sold something.  The second part suggests that X is what we are not but would like to be. Me, I'm thinking seriously about entering that edge of hell, the limbo of Seed Catalogues, so please don't expect much sense from me. 


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