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Sunday February 9th 2014  Tim Candler


     On the other side of "Nut Eating" is a concealed notion of privilege that suggests in part that surplus is put to use by men and women inspired to transcend the earthly plain, not so much by squandering the resource in an equivalent to Cancun but rather to enable them to spend their hours in a primal contemplation the peasants who feed and cloth them would be right to consider an idleness. Which is why, for me at least, there is a distinction between "Pretend Nut Eating" and "Real Nut Eating."  Nor is this an easy distinction to detail because I am rife with opinion and delicate around the great minds most of whom did little more than lift a pen in the course of their time on earth.  Which is kind of why I am drawn to the Christian prophet, who if the rumors are true earned his daily meal as a carpenter, before being called by the sales and marketing department of the great unknown.

      In my own little world I too am sometimes tempted to wander into the darker side of "Nut Eating." I toss and turn between words judgmental in their sentence construction and cruel.  I add and then guiltily subtract gadgets to user friendly templates and answer 'yes' to the question 'are you sure you want to quit?' I try hard to grasp the meaning of a meta tag, which incidentally as far as I can tell does indeed have something to with the 'master idea' of a metanarrative somewhere out there, but sadly it's a narrative I so heartily disapprove of  I find myself blushing each time I see the word 'tag.'  Then when I am reduced to reading the psalms of David for solace, I know I am listening to the voice of a political mind concerned that the great unknown has no answer to offer him. Which is why I often "consider the ant" because very possibly I am indeed a post modern sluggard. However, I have long realized it is easier for me to stop thinking about electric train sets in the middle of March or April, when exercise becomes something more than just walking around staring at stuff and wondering how Mockingbirds stay warm.


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