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Saturday January 11th 2014  Tim Candler


     Attempting to define C is often considered "not useful."  One preference amongst the "not useful" crowd is to replace C by tapping into ideas within words that can be verified.  As an example "aware." "If I poke it with a stick, will it react." If it does react then safe to say "it's aware." If it doesn't react then safe to say "it's not aware," or possibly "dead." And of course there are much subtler ways of testing "aware" than the stick poking test.

      As well there are subset words that can be arranged around "aware" all of which while being qualities of "aware" cleave to an hierarchy of "awareness."  In the PWMQ shift, this ladder of awareness is W, rather than M.  And if you happen to be thinking about stuff don't fall for the often quoted idea that Descartes dismissed the world of other creatures as being without 'awareness.'  If you want to know why, he was looking to M for his definition of psychology, and the consequence of his thinking about life lacked Charm.


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