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Thursday January 16th 2014  Tim Candler


     You have to reckon that personality types, as defined by behavioral psychologists employed by organizations motivated by profit, predate Gilgamesh. That perhaps indeed these personality types, go back one hundred thousand odd years to that time when we all lived in the tropics.  I say this because I cannot believe that of the however many billion there are of us now and have been, we can all be slotted into a  five category structure.  The Conscientious.  The Agreeable.  The Neurotic.  The Open to Experience.  The Extraverted.   And worth noting here, that for me at least I find it useful to add a sixth category which I have named after The Proton -that which repulses the nucleus of  an atom- and which oddly enough I can often apply to any one of the above five personality types.

      I have found that while engaged in interactions within pretty much every social structure beyond that which exists between a gardener and his good looking shovel there is a tendency I will call "Lusting For The Concrete." Which might give an explanation for just five categories of personality, otherwise we'd have to get lost in the billions of possible categories, which can bring a mind to its knees.  And here it's tempting to again go on to suggest that life actually lies in opposition to laws suggested by the language of physics, of thermo-dynamics and cousin entropy that thrill some of us with the idea of structure-less-ness.  Which could be why I feel a need, or a neurotic desire perhaps, to reduce PWMQ to FF, where I can think of it as a Fifth Force in physics. Sadly, the other forces from physics have been very  poorly named. The Strong Force. The Electromagnetic Force. The Weak Force.  And Gravity.  So it's all very exciting.


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