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Sunday January 19th 2014  Tim Candler


     If I think of life as a structure-less  X in our universe. I can think of X as "a striving for structure." Within the Human enterprise, and I don't mean the business of business is business, I mean all the way back to the bubbling stew, I can think of X as having become overly confined by structure. Tension X, I'll call it.  Or for the sake or brevity TX.  Luckily, or unluckily for us we have a playground within, which is loosely referred to as imagination. And in this place we can do all sorts of things without every actually having to give these things structure.

      One sadness in my own life is a dislike of the word 'imagination.'  It all probably goes back to Disney and a half baked Rabbit cartoon whose character had clearly  been over indulged as a baby Rabbit, or had access to massive quantities of medical marihuana, or more likely a Rabbit aunt in the pharmaceutical industry. I see his little deranged face and sickly sweetness and floppy ears every time I see the word imagination and my toes curl. So I am going to think of 'imagination' as Tension X and maybe it will serve me better.


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