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Monday January 20th 2014  Tim Candler


     Ouspensky, and I think his mentor's name was  something like Gueirdjiff, had a following in the United States.  The idea that somehow there was a fourth route to higher awareness that did not require complete and total abandonment of self.  And no bones made about it, because the fourth way according to it's promoters was more like a short cut, when put beside the Fakir, the Monk and the Yogi.  For your interest. The Fakir seeks enlightenment though physical exercise and posture, the more painful the better.  The Monk seeks enlightenment through terrible struggle with belief. And the Yogi seeks enlightenment through controlling thought processes.

      Those spiritualists who followed the fourth way, when in company with Ouspensky found themselves engaged in an attempt to bring body and mind together through a cocktail of physical and mental activities that were more sociable than they were like the isolation of sitting on a bed of nails. Gueirdjiff's final unfinished book was to be titled, "Life Is Real Only Then, When 'I AM.'" Interesting to remember that amongst his odd jobs, Gueirdjiff would dye Sparrows yellow and sell them as Canaries.  Enough to make any one take a step back in his passage toward enlightenment through the fourth way.  I first read Ouspensky's "Tertium Organum, A Key to the Enigma's of the World" forty odd years ago. And I have to report that not a great deal of progress has been made. But I live in hope.


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