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Wednesday January 22nd 2014  Tim Candler


     "Frosty wind made moan."  You often think the hymn might have been written by someone in his cups back when Samuel Pepys was walking around.  Actually it was written toward the end of the nineteenth century, only about a hundred and forty years ago. Always wondered about the 'made moan' part.  One of those things that sticks to a mind.  And, when as a puerile delinquent we'd be asked to shut up and listen to the choir sing "In the Bleak Mid-Winter," there were those amongst us who would yawn.

      All very well suggesting 'moan' had to rhyme with 'stone,' but that sort of thinking is very destructive, completely lacking any sort of empathy toward a poet and their phrase. One of the books the poet wrote was a devotional to the apocalypse, called "The Face of the Deep."

And it goes on for 550 odd passionate pages. Incidentally the message to Thyatira, in Revelations,  was castigating the angel for his tolerance and easy going approach to "The Word," which back in those days was not the way to prepare for the rapture.


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