An English In Kentucky


















Friday January 24th 2014  Tim Candler


     Some of us have been stuck indoors for really far too long.  Horizons shallowed, staring at the wall.  I guess I am fortunate to have done away with a great majority of my brain cells, because those that remain are more easily corralled, told to sit down, wear their socks and behave themselves.

      Others, however, have not been lobotomized, and I don't envy their recklessness during these days, weeks and might even be months of maneuvering by demonic forces determined to relocate the north pole to somewhere in Kentucky. Incidentally, as the Crow flies,  the distance from Perth in Australia to Zanzibar City on the island of Pemba is a rather awkward 5217 miles. But, as the Crow flies,  the distance from Key West in Florida to Vancouver in British Columbia is almost exactly 2800 miles. Then if you transpose the maps, you'll find that all of the USA would fit in the Indian Ocean, except Hawaii which lands very close to the panhandle of Namibia.


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