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Wednesday January 29th 2014  Tim Candler


     There are some who might suggest that a calendar is the single most influential tool in the bucket of tools our species has collected over time.  Then if you ask someone to draw a line of their own twelve month calendar, so that the line goes up for contentment and down for discontentment, you will find that there are people in this world who see the Januarys and Februarys of our northern  hemisphere as places of contentment.

      Oddly enough I have a memory that I begin to think has got to be either a false memory, or some sort of a dementia. Sometime last summer, probably while bent double picking Beans, and the struggle to get blood to stop pooling in my head because I had spotted the soft fat child of a bean Beetle,  I think I remember visualizing the line of my own calendar and seeing points of high contentment through the months of January and February.


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