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Friday January 3rd 2014  Tim Candler


      Easy enough to dream of Palm Trees and Parrots. Huddle by the stove, try not to think about the curves of supply and demand upon heating costs.  A seduction from the Dismal Science. Thomas Carlyle in a satirical moment. But maybe he was just depressed by the finality of reading Malthus. Which might have caused him to say something like, "silence is golden." Although I think probably his actual phrase was something like, "silence can be more eloquent than words." Which is the sort of thing one comes up with when it's bloody cold outside.

        My own interest in Thomas Carlyle, extends beyond his description of economics as a dismal science.  He is one of the people on my list of people who died in February.  Now if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, dying in February makes good sense.  But if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, dying in February is terribly unfair, because it means you don't get the taste of March into your final thoughts.  And I wonder whether our ancestors ever gave this consideration when they chose to leave the Equatorial regions of our planet.


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