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Monday January 6th 2014  Tim Candler


      It's a Polar Vortex, I've been told.  And  to our west thunder snow has been reported.  A Polar Vortex, sometimes called a Mignogno Cyclone by those who are not afraid to pronounce things, is like a hurricane whose center should be near Baffin Island, or up there somewhere, not down here. Thunder snow is when thunder and lightning and snowflakes, all happen at the same time.  This means a person could freeze to death and then be struck by lightning.  Which is obviously a plot by wild angels to stymie the proper order of things.

        As for the Hexagonal Cylinder, I have not yet made an attempt to spot one, because the Polar Vortex  has turned me into a cat. I am able to stare out the window, I am able to conceptualize the mechanics of  a door handle by gazing serenely in its direction, I have taken an interest in wooly slippers, I have become acutely aware of  temperature gradients between where I am now and the kitchen, and I have been overcome by a conviction that to correctly observe Hexagonal Cylinders I need to find a pool of sunshine and fall into a deep sleep.  


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