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Wednesday January 8th 2014  Tim Candler


     The plant people, will argue that intelligence is primarily "an ability to solve problems."  The animal people will argue that without neurons there is no intelligence and the word "intelligence" cannot be associated with anything that plants might or might not do.  In general "structure" has what I will call "centeredness," more like something around which purpose is built than a particular point on the diagram.  More like a possibility bumbling together, rather than something preordained.  And how I wish I could demonstrate this, rather than just think it.

      Indeed the longer I go round and around through the sleepless hours, the more persuaded I am to believe that life is a property of matter, rather than a thing all by itself.  What we experience through consciousness is no more than an attempt to grasp meaning through 'a particular structure.'  And while every word needs its shared definition I ask myself what might the meaning of "meaning" be. If you look around you'll find "meaning" associated with "conveying a particular idea."   And I guess  "the ability to solve problems" depends upon "a particular structure."  Or not, as the case maybe.


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